Coaching Courses and Information

Wether you play Pool or Snooker the fundamentals are the same. It is all about delivering the cue in a straight line. Sounds easy ? yes it is when you develop a solid cue action and stance. With that in mind I have put together a course of 6 lessons to help you understand the fundamentals better. Which WILL improve your game over a period of time.

One to One Coaching

1 Lesson (1 Hour)      800 Baht  

1 Course (6 Lessons)     4000 Baht

(Free table time only at Sports Academy)

I am based in Bangkok and teach at Sports Academy for Pool and Fino Snooker Clubs for Snooker, but I am prepared to travel throughout Thailand.Please contact me for more information about travelling expenses.

Group Coaching

Please contact me for more information about group classes.

I will be planning group courses at Sports Academy in the very near future. They will be advertised on my Facebook Page with more information.